ZOHO Rotterdam

ZOHO is the Rotterdam Maakkwartier (Rotterdam quartermaster). A living and working area on the edge of the center, a 5 minute walk from Central Station.

ZOHO is created for and by makers in design, art, culture, media, tech, food, architecture and urban planning. They're all pioneers who want to use their craftsmanship to innovate and strengthen themselves, ZOHO and the city.


ZOHOCITIZENS, a collective of entrepreneurs, residents and investors, is driving the development of the area. Together they want to make ZOHO a fantastic place. To live, work and thrive. This way they create value for the city, for the area and of course for themselves. Collaboration is taking place with the Municipality of Rotterdam and the Havensteder housing association, so that the skirting boards of buildings acquire a public function, the outdoor space becomes safer and greener, and residents become more involved in their neighbourhood.


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