42workspace home of tech and digital entrepreneurs

Outside on the street there is laughter and music. Inside you hear the sound of rattling keyboards and a simmering coffee machine. Welcome to 42workspace, a community for tech and digital entrepreneurs, located in the vibrant heart of Rotterdam. It is a group of like-minded people that co-create, bounce ideas, tackle challenges and build long-lasting relationships. 42workspace is a hub of tech and digital entrepreneurs who are ready to launch the future. It's no wonder that they chose Rotterdam as their starting point.

Passion for technology and entrepreneurship

Don’t think 42workspace is the umpteenth multi-company building. Ohad Gilad, the founder of 42workspace: "We are much more than that. Our mission is to create the best chance of success, happiness, and growth, on a personal, company and collective level. Our members have a great passion for technology and entrepreneurship. They work in very different fields. For example ecommerce, artificial intelligence, crypto currency exchange, cyber security, marketing automation, property tech, fintech and much more.”

Startups are notorious for their long and intensive workdays. As a result, entrepreneurs sometimes lose sight of a healthy work-life balance. The Managing Director of 42workspace, Patricio de Boom knows how 42workspace prevents this: 'We operate more like a home office for tech entrepreneurs. We call this: work, eat, play. Members can enjoy a daily healthy lunch, work out in our gym or attend one of the events held at our location. Think of workshops, meetups or lectures. '


International network

The support for the startups does not stop here. Patricio: 'We provide an international network of investors, startups, and other partners. Especially in the beginning of a startup, it’s crucial to have the right connections. Consequently, the co-working hub is best suited to new or young companies of up to 15 people.’ And if you get bigger? Will you get kicked out? Patricio: ‘No, no. On the contrary, we are proud to have some scale ups presently renting office. Now, October 2018 we are home to 32 tech startups and up to 30 freelancers, resulting in more than 180 members in total.'

Work hard, play hard

Operating in Rotterdam 42workspace receives support from the municipality of Rotterdam and Rotterdam Partners to improve the start-up ecosystem in the city. Ohad: 'We chose Rotterdam because there is a rapidly growing tech scene. Don’t forget, some of the biggest Dutch tech companies originate in Rotterdam. Think of Coolblue, Mendix and Helloprint. And besides, we are located in the most vibrant area of ​​Rotterdam, the Witte de With Quarters.' Indeed, the Witte de With Straat is Rotterdam at its best: Work hard, play hard. The street is full of pubs and restaurants where you can celebrate winning a new customer or the success of a new innovation.

Experience it yourself

As a tech and digital entrepreneur you don’t have to be alone in Rotterdam. 42workspace is a perfect example of community where you start your own business. And can rely on the help of others. Discover 42workspace.