BEEP base follows bees in the cloud

Bees are important to us: they provide 80% of the pollination of our food. With a climate-friendly innovation, bee colonies can now be followed closely., together with ict-company Intermax Cloudsourcing and city beekeeper It's from Rotterdam Honey, launched the first digital sensor platform for bees and beekeepers.


The BEEP base sensor platform was created through a successful crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter. The innovation brings nature and technology together and is essential for understanding nature and caring for our living environment. The sensors register the behaviour, weight, sound and temperature of bee colonies. The sensor platform transmits this data via Intermax's LoRa sensor network, so that beekeepers anywhere in the world get clear graphs on their smartphones. This data is used to provide beekeepers with better insight into the well-being of their bee colonies.

Passion for bees

Marten Schoonman and Pim van Gennip van, Ludo Baauw (CEO of ict-company Intermax Cloudsourcing) and Balten Schalkwijk van It's from Rotterdam Honey (and as city beekeeper) have been technology fanatics for years, but are also passionate beekeepers. Together they take care of dozens of bee colonies in the Rotterdam region. The aim of their collaboration is to support beekeepers throughout the Netherlands in keeping bees with sensor technology. And they have succeeded! BEEP has now developed the BEEP webapp and the BEEP base.

BEEP base

Alderman Bert Wijbenga (Enforcement, outdoor space, integration and living together) performed the opening act on the roof of the Delftse Poort. This connected the first hive to the platform. The BEEP base is a measuring system that is placed under the hive. A weight, temperature and sound sensor is used to collect information that is wirelessly transmitted to the BEEP app via a network every fifteen minutes.


The so-called Long Range Low Power network (LoRa network) is provided by Intermax Cloudsourcing and can be compared to a slow-acting and energy-friendly wifi connection that is linked to The Things Network (TTN). The bees don't notice anything else, they continue to quietly bring in their nectar and pollen. The beekeeper can then follow how his honey bees are doing from the couch.