Launch of the Rotterdam Maritime Capital think tank

The Erasmus Centre for Urban, Port and Transport Economics (Erasmus UPT) has housed its port-urban development knowledge and expertise in a dedicated Rotterdam Maritime Capital think tank.

Erasmus UPT, the Municipality of Rotterdam and the Rotterdam Maritime Board want to use the new think tank to take a more in-depth look at the current issues which the Rotterdam Maritime Board and the regional authority (Municipality of Rotterdam, the Drechtsteden and the Province of Zuid-Holland) are developing policies for.

Deep dive sessions

A deep dive session will be organised 4x per year in consultation with the Maritime Board, during which the board members will enter into discussions with international top experts about topical issues, broader strategic challenges and (geo)political developments. The results from these sessions will be summarised in a recommendation to the directors and the entire Rotterdam Maritime Capital (RMC) network. (155 partners, mostly governments, knowledge institutes, industry associations, intermediaries).

China strategy, sustainability, cruise, Singapore

Deep dive sessions will successively be organised in 2019 about the China strategy to be followed from Rotterdam Capital of Europe, the sustainable development goals which the RMC network wants to aim for together, the effects of the cruise on the region and the possibilities for deepening the collaboration with Singapore. The deep dive sessions will be linked to ongoing activities for the RMC network, such as research, advice and support during events.