BMW underlines the importance of its collaboration with Rotterdam with the MINI Electric world premiere

The world première of the first all-electric MINI was held on Tuesday 9 July in Rotterdam. On this occasion, the Municipality of Rotterdam and BMW also reflected on our collaboration, which began last September and is established in a collaboration agreement. During this three-year collaboration, we are jointly working on a sustainable, accessible and energy-efficient city, with clean air and a flourishing economy.

Petra de Groene, Director Economic Affairs and Sustainability at the Municipality of Rotterdam considers the fact that BMW is launching an all-electric MINI in Rotterdam to be a very positive statement. “The city is growing at a rapid pace, technology is taking huge leaps and the city will simply clog up if we don’t actively come up with solutions. It requires an innovative business climate and new solutions. The city needs strong partners that possess the knowledge, influence, courage and perseverance to ensure that life in our increasingly busy city continues to be an attractive place to live and work. We have found BMW to be an ideal party in this regard. Last year projects were implemented and defined, we worked on the collaboration and explored and used each other’s networks. This coming year, we are going to see the results of much of these preparations.”

Plans for the future

The Electric City Drive pilot project, which was launched in September 2018, is the first project arising from this collaboration. The project encouraged drivers of plug-in hybrids to get the best out of their cars. Click here to view the results of the study conducted by the Rotterdam School of Management of Erasmus University. Talks are currently under way with other cities in the Netherlands about a follow-up to this pilot. In addition, several new projects are in the process of being elaborated and prepared. Expect more details in the second half of 2019.

The very first all-electric MINI

For BMW, the decision to launch the electric MINI in Rotterdam was the logical choice. “MINI is an urban brand and the all-electric MINI is the logical next step towards to future”, explains Oliver Heilmer, Head of MINI Design. The MINI Electric provides MINI with direction for the future of electric mobility and serves as proof that it is ready for the future. We are incredibly proud that BMW Group opted to organise the global media launch for the MINI Electric in Rotterdam.”

Mobility innovation in Rotterdam

The Municipality of Rotterdam collaborates with knowledge institutes and the business community to elevate our city’s economy to the next level. A good example is the future Mobility City Campus, an ambitious project with a global impact and a truly pioneering ideology. Also over 50 mobility-related pilots are taking place in the Municipality of Rotterdam, from autonomous pilots at Rotterdam The Hague Airport to a hydrogen production facility in the Port of Rotterdam. This volume of mobility pilots in a single region makes Rotterdam one of the leaders in mobility innovation in Europe. As a result, Rotterdam represents an appealing party for global players like BMW.