Foto: Joep Boute

One campus for all international education

Attractive for expats with one campus for international education

One campus for international education should make Rotterdam more attractive to expats, highly educated professionals from abroad. The current coalition in the city council wants to improve international education by building a campus. In the coming period, the city council will test the feasibility of the plan.

Rotterdam expects to need 12 percent more expats each year for international business, research and education. For these professionals, good international education for their children is an important condition when choosing their place of residence. Rotterdam still has a battle to win here.

A campus in the Blijdorp district

In Rotterdam, the housing of international schools is currently not in order. The Rotterdam International Secondary School (RISS), for example, lacks space and the school is partially housed in emergency classrooms. In international education, the 'campus model' is common: child care, primary school and secondary school at the same location. This is not yet the case in Rotterdam, but Blijdorp offers opportunities. The International School Rotterdam and the Wolfert Bilingual school are already located on the Bentincklaan, as is the Nenijto sports complex.

Space for more students

With the arrival of a campus, the number of students could increase from 640 to about 1250 in 2025. The RISS will be renewed and expanded. The international primary school - still located on the Graaf Florisstraat in the Middelland district - will also be accommodated on the Bentincklaan. Furthermore, the Montessori Lyceum can continue to grow and Rotterdam Athletics will have better facilities if it is located next to the college. She is also looking into the possibility of housing near the campus in the future.