CargoLedger, blockchain solutions for the supply chain

Transforming the supply chain? CargoLedger is sure blockchain will do the job. Blockchain is a distributed network with immutable data, securely shared and supported by timely and instant settlement. With blockchain it is possible to transfer value without using a middleman.

If you want to transform the supply chain, you should open an office in Rotterdam. CargoLedger came to Rotterdam to find the companies that want to work with their brand new blockchain technology. Although a Dutch proverb says 'Wat goed is, komt snel' (What's good, comes fast), with the right professional local help, things come even faster! The start-up program of Port of Rotterdam, PortXL,  provided that help.

‘Just roll up your sleeves and go!’

Hjalmar van der Schaaf, CEO of CargoLedger ‘When we were given the opportunity to participate in the World Port Accelerator program of PortXL, we did not hesitate. The program globally scouts one thousand startups and scaleups relevant to the port, every year. After a few presentations we were invited for the Selection Days. 25 companies had to present themselves before 200+ port, industry and innovation experts. During Selection Days we met a lot of great people and received very valuable feedback on our concept and what we're trying to accomplish. We passed selection and became the first and only Dutch blockchain company within PortXL.’ And then the fun really started. CargoLedger moved into the Science Tower of Rotterdam. Hjalmar is very happy with the office space: ‘The Rotterdam mentality is also great. It's this  ‘Roll up your sleeves and go!’ mentality which appeals and fits to the way we like to work.

'We are currently working with companies we could only dream of’. 

'PortXL  helped us out tremendously. They introduced us to the right people and made it possible for companies like Port of Rotterdam and Van Oord to start working with our products. This has been a great help in testing our ideas and provide credibility. It is only a few months ago since we moved to Rotterdam. Thanks to our agile way of working and our knowledge of technology and supply chain, things are going really well. We want to deliver the innovations that add value to our customers. But no matter how good our products and software are, without the help of PortXL we would have not been able to achieve this   We’re not too proud, as a company with its roots in rivalling city Amsterdam, to acknowledge that Rotterdam has the best ecosystem for young companies like ours with a special focus on supply chain and logistics.’

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