ECE is Europe’s leading centre for entrepreneurship

For entrepreneurs there is no better environment than ECE. ECE stands for Erasmus Centre of Entrepreneurship and is 100% part of Erasmus University.  Fueled by the belief that entrepreneurship is the primary driver for innovation, ECE strives to embed entrepreneurship in the DNA of people. ECE can count on the knowledge and network of the Erasmus University. Are you an entrepreneur or innovator looking for the best possible help? Just keep reading.

Get started!

Do you have an innovative idea or product? ECE coaches are eager to help to turn your ideas into an actual business. The Get Started program offers you a 12-week program consisting of mentoring and workshops. You will expand your network enormously, will work on building a product that people want and love, and create a business model around it. Every year 100+ entrepreneurs start their company in the Get Started Program.

Drive innovation excellence in your established organization

For established organizations ECE offers the Innovation Driver Certification Program and facilitates in-house trainings. The goal is to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to lead the change in your organization and to drive the capability for innovation to a higher level. ECE helps you and your organization become more entrepreneurial. In order to be successful, your organization has to be able to adapt to changing customer demands and technological developments. Staying ahead requires continuous innovation and … assistance of people who know all about it. You find them at ECE.

Higher Education

But that’s not all. ECE also develops and executes entrepreneurship courses on Bachelor, Master and MBA level for multiple universities. According to ECE entrepreneurship education is more than generating ideas and developing profitable business models and fast-growing startups. It’s about developing entrepreneurial behaviour to provide today’s citizens with the mindset and tools to identify and deal with tomorrow’s challenges.

Situated in the Rotterdam Innovation District

Interested? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with ECE. A staff of fifteen together with  four professors and more than 25 academic trainers and researchers on entrepreneurship offer you the best possible help. Think of strategic leadership,  entrepreneurial finance, innovation management, entrepreneurship economics and corporate venturing.  With so much innovation in its DNA, it won’t surprise you the ECE Campus is situated in the Rotterdam Innovation District. It is a community with 100+ innovative companies and over 20.000 visitors every year. Are you one of them soon?

As entrepreneur you are never alone in Rotterdam. And with the help of institutes like ECE, success is within reach. Find your way to success, visit