Foto: Joep Boute

Opening up our society step by step

April 20

Step 1: stores and terraces partially open, end curfew on April 28

More and more people are being vaccinated against corona, which means that fewer people will fall ill soon. It is expected that the number of new hospitalizations will decrease. Opening up society step by step is not without risks. But the government is also looking at the social and economic importance. Therefore, the Cabinet will take the first tentative step in the opening plan on April 28.
On April 28, the following corona measures will be released or modified. All other measures will remain in place.

End of curfew

On April 28, 4:30 a.m., the curfew will expire.

Home visit to 2 persons

The advice for home visits changes. The new advice is: receive a maximum of 2 people per day. And visit no more than once a day. Also limit the number of different contacts in one week. Always wash your hands when entering and also keep a distance of 1.5 meters.

Open terraces

Outdoor terraces can be open from 12:00 to 18:00 under certain conditions. The maximum number of guests on a terrace is 50. There are fixed seats and self-service is not allowed. A maximum of 2 people sit at a table at 1.5 meters distance. Unless it is persons from the same household and children up to 12 years, then more people are allowed at a table. Visitors can pay inside, go to the toilet or use the checkroom. A mouth mask is required inside. 
In the next steps of the opening plan, the conditions for the catering industry will be expanded.

Stores and markets open

All stores may again receive customers without a shopping appointment. Conditions do apply, such as a maximum number of visitors in a store. It is still important to avoid crowds. Therefore, go to a store at a quiet time, such as early in the morning. And go alone as much as possible. Non-essential stores, such as clothing stores, can be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Essential stores, such as supermarkets, may reopen at their usual times. Wearing a mouth mask in stores remains mandatory.
Non-food items may also be sold at markets again. For example, clothing and cosmetics.

Universities and colleges: attend classes 1 day a week

Students at universities and colleges can attend classes on location approximately one day per week from Monday, April 26. This is only possible under conditions, such as keeping 1.5 meters distance. Self-tests will become available to students and staff from May.

Theory exam possible

Theory exams for a driver's license, boating or flying license are possible again.


The maximum number of people at a funeral will be increased to 100.

Next steps in opening plan

The second step in the opening plan is scheduled for May 11 at the earliest. Then, for example, more can be done when it comes to outdoor locations, such as zoos and amusement parks. It will also be possible, under certain conditions, to do more indoor and more outdoor sports.

On May 3 we will hear whether this second step can be taken. Then more will be known about the travel advice. What other measures will be released, if the figures allow, can be seen in the overview of the opening plan at (in dutch).

It also remains important that we all stick to the basic rules: wash hands, keep your distance and stay home and test in case of complaints.