Renewable energy in an interactive and fun way

Ever been on a dance floor that generated energy by people dancing on it? It all started in Club Watt in Rotterdam. This club in the centre of Rotterdam poineered with the idea of integrating a sustainable vision into a club. The club has long closed but fortunately the Sustainable Dance Floor lived on. The men and women of Energy Floors have made a worldwide success of it.

Sustainable Dance Floor and Smart Energy Floors

The Sustainable Dance Floor is the world’s first dance floor that converts kinetic energy into electricity by having people dance on it. A few years ago, Energy Floors introduced the Smart Energy Floor. This floor generates its energy by solar power and has two versions: The Gamer and The Walker. The Gamer encourages active learning on school playgrounds. The Walker is a permanent floor that for instance can help pedestrians in public spaces cope with social safety.   

All over Europe

The aim of Energy Floors is to raise awareness of renewable energy in an interactive and fun way. It is no exaggeration to say that Energy Floors has been more than successful in this effort. The Sustainable Dance Floor is for rent and travels all over Europe. The projects range from major sports events, festivals and pavilions, to club tours, science center exhibitions and car shows. On a festival in Romania last summer, the Sustainable Dance Floor generated more than 1 KwH.

Innovative and groundbreaking

It’s no coincidence that the Energy Floor was born in such an energetic city as Rotterdam. The CEO of Energy Floors, Michel Smit, fully endorses this. 'The energy and creativity of the city and the people are intertwined with our company and our products. Especially abroad this is recognized as a unique quality. The popularity of Rotterdam shines on us as a company. Parties at home and abroad see us as innovative and groundbreaking.’

Sustainable city

Not only Rotterdams image has helped Energy Floors. Michel: 'The city has, of course, made sustainability a top priority. Our plans and projects often receive support. And what's also great about Rotterdam, it supports its manufacturing industry. With Energy Floors we are at the center of the creative manufacturing industry. Here we find many parties to work with.’

More information?

We can help you find your sustainable business network in Rotterdam. Please get in touch with us. Intrigued by Energy Floors? Find out more on their website