FERM may share NCSC information on cyber threats

May 20, 2021

FERM foundation has been granted the OKTT status

The FERM foundation has been granted the OKTT status from its partnership with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). This is an important step in the goal of making the Port of Rotterdam the most digitally secured port in the world.

Official status

FERM (the Rotterdam foundation dedicated to cyber resilience in the Port of Rotterdam) brings companies and knowledge together and facilitates the mutual exchange of threat information, solutions and best practices when it comes to cyber security. The NCSC has given FERM the OKTT status. OKTT is the abbreviation of objective to task: this means that the NCSC has designated FERM as a partnership that has the task of informing other organisations or the public about cyber security. Legally speaking, the NCSC may only share threat and incident information with partnerships that have OKTT status. Thanks to the status, FERM can timely share current and relevant information about cyber threats via their new IT portal with the foundation's participants: affiliated organisations based in the port of Rotterdam.

Cyber resilient port

"Now that we have OKTT status, we can help our participants even better," says FERM director Evelien Bras. "The close cooperation with both the NCSC and the NCTV is an important new step in the cyber resilience of companies in the port. By sharing very specific threat information, we are taking another step towards making the Port Industrial Complex cyber-secure. This is of great value to all businesses in the Port of Rotterdam, especially now that we are fortunate enough to see more and more companies joining us."

Preventing the domino effect

Hans de Vries, director of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) sees in FERM an important partner: "Cybersecurity incidents, vulnerabilities and threats can have major consequences. And criminals often cast their net wide. Then it helps if you, as a company, quickly have information about how action groups operate, to find out if you are possibly vulnerable or affected, so that you can take (precautionary) measures as quickly as possible. In the Port of Rotterdam, companies like container terminals and shipping companies also exchange a lot of data. If something goes wrong, you get a domino effect, and everything comes to a standstill.”