Corona crisis increases demand for Genzõ app with Smart Glasses

Specialists looking through the eyes of care workers

The demand for the communication app Genzõ with Smart Glasses from the Rotterdam company 1Minuut has exploded since the outbreak of the corona crisis. At home and abroad. ‘The new normal? Remote expertise.’

A lot has changed at 1Minuut due to the corona crisis. In just a few weeks, the Rotterdam-based healthcare technology company has helped as many healthcare organisations with its Genzõ app and Smart Glasses as in the whole of 2019. And the outlook looks very good with numerous requests from home and abroad. 'We've believed in remote expertise for a long time now,' says Louise de Wijk of 1Minuut. 'The market is now getting on board much faster than expected. It gives us a great deal of encouragement to see how quickly large healthcare organisations are putting it into operation. Its implementation can be completed within a matter of days, allowing specialists to then see through the eyes of healthcare workers.’

Remote expertise

The Genzõ app enables healthcare professionals to chat and make video calls safely and easily. In combination with Smart Glasses, it can even make hands-free video calls. This means hand-free at the bedside, so that instructions from a doctor or medical specialist can be carried out directly by the care worker wearing the glasses. 'This removes all kinds of intermediate consultation steps and makes the care process much more effective,' says De Wijk. 'As many as three people can watch and talk remotely. This makes the care process much less intensive for patients. Multiple consultations can be carried out in one go at the patient's location, which also saves on hospital visits. Fewer people at the bedside, fewer travel movements and therefore less risk of corona infection.’

Security and privacy

The Genzõ app is easy to use, flexible, mobile and secure. 'On this last point, we certainly stand out from other providers,' says De Wijk. The security level is equal to that of banking apps. With multiple layers of security and double encryption. MedMij-certified and suitable for connection to a Personal Health environment. Our app and Smart Glasses brings expertise to the patient, while safeguarding their privacy.’

Major behavioural change

De Wijk is delighted that 1Minuut is contributing to a major behavioural change that is currently taking place in the health care sector. Within just a few weeks, e-health applications such as the Genzõ app with Smart Glasses have become fully adopted. We thought that this shift would only come if the shortage in skilled healthcare personnel really started to struggle with the increasing number of elderly people with ever more complex healthcare needs. Normally, such a shift from traditional to more innovative ways of working takes a lot of time. In the past, the process from initial introduction to commissioning took several months. Now, care professionals are at bedsides with our glasses within a few days.’

Expertise close at hand

The Genzõ app is already available in Dutch and English. Due to international demand, more versions are being developed. The introduction of medication glasses will also follow later this year. These glasses will guide healthcare professionals step by step through the process from the preparation to the administration of medication. This prevents errors and thus increases patient safety,' says De Wijk. In addition, the glasses make it easier to work according to the four-eye principle. Because from now on, this can be done remotely. Social distancing rules will probably have to be maintained for some time due to the corona virus. But thanks to our glasses, the expertise of doctors and specialists is always close at hand.’

Source: 1Minuut

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