Helloprint. A flourishing company in a flourishing city

HelloPrint is the most successful online printing platform and e-commerce marketplace of Rotterdam. This online print platform was founded in 2013, is now active in eight countries and has two offices. One in Rotterdam, the other one in Valencia. In five years the company has grown from four to 220 employees originating from 25 different countries.

Compared to other cities in the Netherlands Rotterdam has a young population. This also applies to HelloPrint. The average age is 28 years. Robbert Brouwer, Business Developer, believes HelloPrint and Rotterdam fit together perfectly. 'HelloPrint and Rotterdam are both young and international. And there is, off course, the famous Rotterdam mentality. It’s a mentality of working hard without complaining. You feel, see and hear it everywhere in our offices. It’s mainly this piece of culture that connects us very much with Rotterdam. We will therefore always stay in Rotterdam.’

A unique culture, guarded sharply

Helloprint does not print at all. Helloprint let the print producers sell their products to customers instead. This way, the print producers don’t have to worry about customer acquisition, artwork and payment process. Helloprint is not the only online printing platform. What makes Helloprint so different from the others? Hans Scheffer, founder and CEO:  ‘Our people make the difference. We choose for a high performing office culture. The urge to achieve the very best must come from the employee. He or she has to be curious and should never be satisfied.

The company has won the Rotterdam Entrepreneur Award.

More information?

Interested in setting up a business in Rotterdam? Rotterdam Partners is happy to help! Would you like to know more about the business of HelloPrint? Find their contact details on their website (in Dutch).