Foto: Gemeente Rotterdam

CityLab010. The idea factory of Rotterdam

Let’s say you are an inhabitant of Rotterdam, you’ve come up with a great idea for the city and would like to get started with your plan. But ... where do you start? Who should you involve? And how do you manage the finances? CityLab010 has been created especially for this. It offers help in the form of knowledge, coaching, a network and a small budget to get started. Every Rotterdammer with an innovative idea can register at CityLab010. The best ideas will receive all possible help.

Citylab010 only supports ideas that benefit Rotterdam and that are innovative. The latter can also be the result of new partnerships or new combinations of topics. Below are three innovative initiatives from the box of CityLab010. All three received the necessary approval from the city jury and are making Rotterdam even more fun, clean or more social.

Culture Campsite is camping in Rotterdam style. So nothing ordinary

Culture Campsite is full of fragrant, edible plants and offers space for twelve architectural highlights. The camping guests do not sleep in a regular camping tent but have the choice of twelve very special "houses". Each house has its own design and is made from recycled material. Also very lovely, Culture Camping is near the water. And if you say water in Rotterdam, we naturally mean ... the Maas.

Not a dirty but a clean Vespa. Or: Blue Vespa

The Vespa is a wonderful means of transport. Absolutely. However, the Italian scooter has two disadvantages: the scooter is smelly and it makes a noise. Until a group of people from Rotterdam came up with the idea to have the gasoline Vespa converted into an electric Vespa. So it’s just as beautiful but without the smells and zero noise. And do you know who converts these Vespas? Young people from Rotterdam that need a little nudge getting started in the job market. Isn’t that cool?

SyncVR is fighting loneliness

No Virtual Reality application focuses on bringing lonely patients together. The SyncVR does just that. After all, loneliness is a huge problem in a big city like Rotterdam. This problem becomes even worse when people are hospitalized. SyncVR offers a great solution by virtually bringing two patients ‘together’. They are located in two different Rotterdam hospitals, but thanks to the VR glasses, they can virtually explore the city and recall special memories together.

Curious about more good ideas from CityLab010? Visit the website and see how the inhabitants of Rotterdam have made their city even more innovative with great ideas.