Foto: Hans Tak

Lockdown remains until March 30

Further expansion of lockdown not yet justified

There are still too many people infected with the coronavirus. The pressure on hospitals is still too high. That is why the government is not going to relax the rules any further, because that would not be responsible. However, small corrections will be made to a number of existing measures.

The government is also looking ahead. From 31 March, there may be more room for relaxation. Only if the figures allow, terraces and shops, for example, may open under strict conditions.

Extended measures

  • All current measures are extended until 30 March.
  • The curfew will be extended until 4.30 a.m. on 31 March. This means that everyone stays inside between 21:00 in the evening and 04:30 in the morning. During the elections, a few exceptions apply.
  • The travel advice will be extended until 15 April. This means: stay in the Netherlands. Do not travel until 15 April. For travel outside the Netherlands: only travel if this is really necessary. On 23 March, at the next press conference, there will be a travel recommendation for the period thereafter.

Small adjustments to measures

The cabinet makes a number of small adjustments to the already existing measures. As of Tuesday, 16 March, the following adjustments apply.

Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons are available for children up to the age of 12 so that they can obtain their A, B or C diploma.

Shopping by appointment

In the case of shopping by appointment, the rule for shops is that there may be two customers per floor. Or one customer per 25 square metres. All at a distance of 1.5 metres from each other. A maximum of 50 customers may be in the shop at any one time. The rule still applies that people have to make an appointment at least four hours in advance, and that the shop works with time slots of at least ten minutes.


Adults of 27 years and older are allowed to exercise outside on sports facilities with a maximum of four people. They must keep a distance of 1.5 metres. Up to 26 years old, sports at sports facilities were already allowed, in teams, without keeping a distance of 1.5 metres. The municipality can offer more opportunities for organised sports outside the sports facilities. Theory exams Theory exams and lessons on driving or maintaining a vehicle may again be organised on location. This only applies to people who need this for exercising certain professions or for certain companies. People who have had an educational measure imposed on them to improve their driving behaviour can also take their theory examinations again.

Entry ban expanded

An entry ban applies to travellers from countries outside the EU. The list of exceptions was temporarily suspended for a number of groups. These exceptions are now applicable again. This means that the following groups may again enter the Netherlands: business travellers, students, highly skilled migrants, professionals from the cultural and creative sector and long-distance lovers.

Minor adjustments of measures earlier than 16 March

Visiting regulations for nursing homes

If residents of nursing homes are vaccinated, there is room for two visitors a day. These can also be different visitors during the week. This adjustment goes into effect immediately.

Travelling to and from the United Kingdom

The ban on flying and docking in the United Kingdom is lifted. The British variant of the coronavirus has already spread to the Netherlands, so this ban no longer has any added value. From Tuesday 9 March 00.01 hours Dutch time it will no longer apply. The current testing requirements for travellers from the UK will remain in place, as will the urgent quarantine advice.

Possible relaxations from Wednesday 31 March

A number of relaxations are planned as of 31 March. These can only be implemented if the number of intensive care beds occupied remains stable and the reproduction rate remains around 1. A decision on this will be taken on 23 March.