Foto: Guido Pijper

Rotterdam receives award during UNESCO Netexplo Linking Cities Forum

15 April 2021

"Rotterdam is a digital pioneer city on the national and European stage"

"Rotterdam is a digital pioneer city on the national and European stage." According to the jury of the Netexplo Linking Cities Award, this is the reason that Rotterdam received an award during the UNESCO Netexplo Linking Cities Forum on April 15 for its performance in the Datasphere category. What does that mean? Simply put: collected data and the environment where this data is stored.

Vice mayor Roos Vermeij (Economy and Small Localities) is honoured. “It is a recognition that Rotterdam is on the right track. Our ambition is to be a digital model city by 2025. A city at the forefront where digital solutions for social, urban and economic challenges are concerned. Digitization helps us to achieve our ambitious goals in terms of sustainability, circularity and inclusivity.”

Benefits and interests of the Rotterdam people

To get there, the municipality of Rotterdam works closely with companies, knowledge institutions, other authorities and of course Rotterdam residents. Entrepreneurs are given all the space they need to develop groundbreaking innovations. All for the benefit and interest for Rotterdam citizens.

Digital 3D version of Rotterdam

The jury praises Rotterdam for its various labs for testing groundbreaking innovations in areas such as climate change, food tech and medicine. And the way the city uses blockchain and data. (A well-known example of blockchain is bitcoin.)
A good Rotterdam example is the "3D digital twin", the digital version of our city, in which, among other things, the infrastructure of the city is recorded. This model is openly accessible and makes it easier to work together and involve diverse parties in decision making. Via everyone can download data files themselves, perform measurements or walk through 3D Rotterdam to, for example, see how the shadow effect in a particular place is throughout the year.

Ten most innovative cities

A total of ten prizes were awarded for the most global innovative and connecting cities, the so-called linking cities. These are the following cities followed by the category of the awards: Berlin (Germany) - Transport Networks, Buenos Aires (Argentina) -Habitat, Detroit (USA) - Financing, Kigali (Rwanda) -Digital Transformation, Melbourne (Australia) -Attractivity , Mexico City (Mexico) -Resilience, Rotterdam (Netherlands) - Datasphere, San Jose (Costa Rica) - ObjectiveZero Carbon, Seoul (South Korea) - Education and Vancouver (Canada) -Mobility.