Quantum technology offers Dutch business new opportunities

The Province of South Holland, together with the Metropolitan Region of Rotterdam The Hague and Quantum Delta NL, has awarded €450,000 to six regional knowledge institutions and companies. They are working together to build the first Dutch NISQ quantum computer: model Nano NISQ 5Qubit. This innovative development may lead to a worldwide technical revolution.

The Province of South Holland is known for its innovative strength. Innovation is needed to maintain and reinforce this position. With the development of the quantum computer, we are on the threshold of a technological revolution that may help to solve all kinds of social challenges. The quantum computer is capable of processing enormous quantities of data in a short period of time and sharing them securely. This will soon make new products and services possible.

Opportunities for businesses in the Rotterdam region

The regional Quantum Technology Action Agenda focuses on the development of experimental environments such as field labs, knowledge networks between science and business, an approach to the application of quantum in various sectors (such as shipping, manufacturing and cyber security) and the improvement of financing opportunities for businesses. On April 22, a working visit to the House of Quantum in Delft is planned to discuss the progress of the regional Quantum Technology Action Agenda and the role of the province and related municipalities.