Foto: North Datacenters

NorthC Datacenters expands into South Holland

April 14, 2021

NorthC Datacenters, the largest regional data centre company in the Netherlands, is to expand its existing data centre in Rotterdam Zestienhoven. Whereas most data centres focus on the region around Amsterdam, NorthC has establishments in Rotterdam Zestienhoven, Rotterdam Waalhaven and Delft. The Zestienhoven site will be expanded with 4.5 megawatts of IT load and 3,000 m2 of IT surface area.

A quarter of the total Dutch economy is earned in Zuid-Holland, which is already sixty per cent data-driven. In addition, the province offers tech companies an interesting climate for establishing themselves. Moreover, data centres are indispensable to the economy of South-Holland. Without a solid infrastructure, the region cannot realise major social tasks such as energy transition, house building and the growing demand for healthcare. Even the cultivation of crops in the Westland or the harvesting of tomatoes can no longer be done without digital monitoring and robotisation. The port of Rotterdam would clog up without proper digital capacity planning.

We want to build a strong and diverse regional ecosystem in South-Holland with regional parties.

Alexandra Schless - CEO NorthC

Alexandra Schless, CEO of NorthC: "We want to build a strong and diverse regional ecosystem in South-Holland with regional parties. Experience shows that companies increasingly prefer to do business with companies from their own region. On the one hand because of culture, on the other hand because of practical considerations: companies want to be able to be at the data centre in no time for work, for example."

Roos Vermeij, councilor for economics in Rotterdam: "South Holland is a global leader in various sectors that have a serious chance of solving social problems. But without data centres - to process and store all that data - this would be impossible. We are therefore very pleased that our ecosystem is such an attractive location for major players like NorthC. We are working hard on this together with InnovationQuater and the province of Zuid-Holland. This is a great boost for the region."