Picnic Smart Grid

Picnic delivers the groceries, Smart Grid delivers the energy

When you talk about delivering groceries in Rotterdam. Forget lorries. Forget petrol stations. The future is to the ePV. ePV stands for electric Picnic Vehicle. The ePV delivers groceries to households. And delivers energy when it is needed. The ePV is part of a bigger plan: the Smart Grid. The aim of this Rotterdam-based pilot is to optimize Picnic's energy use and to establish a scalable energy model that may be used by other companies.

The Smart Grid and 160 ePVs

Everyday 160 ePVs will find their way in the streets of Rotterdam. They will drive on energy generated by the solar panels on the roof of the hub. But the ePVs do not drive constantly. Between deliveries, or on non-peak days, ePVs remain plugged into the smart chargers, storing batteries with solar energy. At night, the energy can be redirected to the frozen cells to keep the food fresh or to potentially other users that are connected on the same grid system.

Six of the seventeen sustainable development goals

Believe it or not but the Picnic Smart Grid contributes to achieving no less than six sustainable development goals of the UN. Here they are: Affordable & clean energy, Decent work & economic growth, Industry innovation, Sustainable cities & communities, climate action and Responsible consumption & production.

No wonder Rotterdam is very happy with Picnic. And Picnic is very happy with Rotterdam.

'Rotterdam is a city that is open to new developments and technologies. The city really has the ambition to work even more sustainable. '

Frank Vollering of Picnic

Taking decreasing energy seriously

In the meantime Picnic continues to look for ways to make Rotterdam even more sustainable. One of her latest innovations is a pick-up service for companies like Bol.com or Coolblue. The ePV picks up the return shipment from the households, takes it to the hub and delivers them to a parcel service in one go. The car of the parcel service no longer runs around the city, but drives straight to the Picnic hub. The result is less traffic.

Picnic takes its responsibility for decreasing the energy footprint of their customers very seriously. The mission of this fast growing company is to maximize energy efficiency, source electricity from 100% renewables and ensure that energy is used when supply is high and demand is low. Well, Rotterdam is the perfect town for a mission like that.