Rotterdam in panel discussion Future of Internet Conference

On Thursday June 6th the Future of Internet Conference discussed in Brussels what the future of our digital societies may look like, focusing on the advanced technologies that will act as game changers, while debating the immediate and longer term policy priorities for Europe’s future digital strategy.

Rotterdam was represented in the panel-based discussion about “Empowering Individuals and Unleashing the Power of their Data: From the Internet of Things to the Internet of Humans.” We expressed that Rotterdam is the homefront of many innovative and creative changemakers who are using state of the art technology, but that we want to be an inclusive, sensible smart city as well. Therefore, it’s necessary to implement digital citizens’ rights as soon as possible. And for the well-being of our citizens we want to put human needs first when creating solutions in our smart city.

Other topics that were discussed was 5G, Blockchain, new digital business models and digital transformation. All of these  topics  receive a high level of attention within the Sensible Smart City program in Rotterdam.