Rotterdam is in the race of becoming Europe’s innovation capital

Great news: Rotterdam reached the next round in the battle to become iCapital. Or, in other words, innovation capital of Europe. At the beginning of September we, together with 11 other cities, have to convince an external jury of our innovation power at the European Commission. The winner will be announced at the end of September.

The first step in becoming iCapital, was to make a proposal with four cases that show the innovative Rotterdam approach in 2018. Making that happen was a great collaboration between different organisations in the city and several departments of the city of Rotterdam. Take a look at the proposal.

The other finalists are: Antwerp (BE), Bilbao (ES), Bologna (IT), Bristol (UK), Dortmund (DE), Espoo (FI), Glasgow (UK), Hamburg (DE), London (UK), Lyon (FR), Nantes (FR), Rotterdam (NL).

Photo: Iris van de Broek