Foto: Heerema Marine Contractors

Sustainable shore-side electricity for world's largest crane ships

Heerema Marine Contractors will provide its crane vessels in the Calandkanaal in Rotterdam with clean energy. The large ships no longer need to use diesel generators at the quay, but will switch to shore-side electricity from wind energy.

Even when they are stationary along the quay, Heerema's large seagoing vessels need energy; important facilities - pumps, cranes, lighting and air conditioning - must be able to continue to operate on board. The switch from diesel generators to clean energy reduces noise and air pollution. There will also be considerably less CO2 in the air and the quality of life in Rozenburg and Maassluis will improve. The shutdown of the diesel generators saves harmful emissions annually, which is equivalent to roughly 5,000 diesel cars.

Sustainable shore power

With this project Heerema, Eneco, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the City of Rotterdam want to show that it is possible to supply shore-based power to several large seagoing vessels. For this purpose, Eneco will supply power from the wind farm on Landtong Rozenburg.

In order to be able to supply the power, an e-house of 16 by 9 metres with a number of transformers will be built on the Landtong. Eneco and the Port of Rotterdam Authority want to provide ships with so-called clean shore-based power at other locations in the vicinity in due course.

'The CO2 savings are huge. It is the largest shore-side electricity connection in Europe. This provides clean air for at least 10,000 Rotterdammers.'

Arno Bonte, alderman Sustainability City of Rotterdam

Unique project

Unique to this project is the direct supply of electricity from windturbines to Heerema's two enormous cranes. Heerema's Sleipnir and Thialf are the largest crane ships in the world. They are regularly moored in the Calandkanaal in Rotterdam, for maintenance or in preparation of projects at sea. Even then they need energy.

The City of Rotterdam has a subsidy of 2 million euros included in the budget of 2020 to get this project off the ground. There is one important condition: that the e-house on Landtong Rozenburg is properly integrated into its surroundings in consultation with local residents of Rozenburg. The project has also been nominated for the Maritime Shipping Awards 2019.