Rotterdam launches subsidy scheme for smart energy networks

The municipality will offer a new subsidy scheme for the development of smart energy networks. With this subsidy scheme, Rotterdam wants to speed up the construction and roll-out of innovative energy systems (so-called Smart Energy Systems), which are necessary for the increasing demand for clean energy in the city and port. With the scheme, the municipality also stimulates new activities and innovations that fit in with the new economy.

Alderman Arno Bonte of Sustainability expects a lot from the new scheme: "A smart and flexible energy system is an important precondition for the energy transition. That is why we challenge entrepreneurs with this subsidy scheme to come up with innovations that make the existing electricity network more intelligent and stable. "

Interested parties can submit their applications online from August 1st, 2020 to October 1st, 2020. This can be done as of 1th August via the application form at The municipality of Rotterdam allocates the subsidy based on the assessment of the social impact, feasibility and financial parameters. If desired, the program also provides support with a specific technical, financial or organizational nature, or with improving a business case.