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Kaminari Medical receives investment from UNIIQ

November 12, 2020

Kaminari Medical, founded as a spin-off from Erasmus MC, will receive an investment of €300,000 for the further development of its new cardiovascular imaging technology.

Kaminari Medical is a developer of technology for a new way of intracoronary imaging. The investment she receives from investment fund UNIIQ is intended for the further development of her new cardiovascular imaging technology. With this technology, narrowing of the veins can be visualized more accurately and can be better treated with stents. The investment was announced by Hans van Leeuwen, dean/vice-chairman of the Executive Board of Erasmus MC.

More comprehensive imaging

During cardiac catheterisation (dotter surgery) it is important to visualise the narrowing of the coronary arteries in order to place one or more stents as well as possible. These constrictions (plaques) can vary in shape and composition. Plaques filled with cholesterol and other fats pose a particularly high risk. Kaminari Medical makes it possible to visualise these types of plaques well. By combining a laser and a sound pulse (intravascular photo-acoustics), the doctor can literally get a picture of both the shape and content of the plaques, which makes it easier to treat them with stents and medication. As a result, new heart attacks may be prevented and the number of recatherisations, may be reduced.

Towards better treatment options

Kaminari Medical was founded in 2019 as a spin-off of Erasmus MC. The company is currently housed in the Rotterdam Science Tower. In the coming period a new step in development will be taken in cooperation with TU Delft and others. It is mainly important to build a first clinical prototype. Jeroen Kodde, CEO of Kaminari Medical: "UNIIQ's investment makes it possible for us to further develop our catheter so that it can eventually be used in patients. We have shown in the laboratory that the system works and we are now going to take steps to improve the detection of these high-risk plaques in the clinic and, of course, their treatment".

Investing in regional innovation

For UNIIQ, the investment in Kaminari Medical means a new investment in the Rotterdam ecosystem. Fund Manager Hans Dreijklufft said: "The unique opportunities offered by Kaminari Medical's technology, can significantly improve the treatment of cardiovascular problems. Eliminating cumbersome procedures such as recatheterisations is of great importance in improving patient care. It is precisely through collaboration with Erasmus MC and Delft University of Technology that such innovation comes about. We are therefore proud that UNIIQ can invest in the further development of this Erasmus MC spin-off".

Source: UNIIQ