WasteShark. The most beloved shark in the world

The most beloved shark of the world, born in Rotterdam

Richard Hardiman, an entrepreneur from South Africa, saw some men collecting waste from the water with a landing net. He thought ´This could be done better.´ and the idea of the WasteShark was born. He built a rough, first version and flew to Rotterdam to pitch his idea to the men and women of PortXL. They saw its potential and gave Richard the opportunity to bring his idea further. The result: the most beloved shark of the world is eating waste in four places in the world. Thanks to Rotterdam. And Richard and his team off course.

Extensive network

The WasteShark is an aquadrone that removes plastic and other waste that floats on the surface. Lakes, canals or a marine: the WasteShark feels at home at all types of water. It works 24/7 and sucks up to 200 kilos of garbage. With this idea in mind Richard came to Rotterdam in 2015. Rotterdam Port XL introduced him to the Innovation Connector. This organization has an extensive network and offers access to tech facilities and people who know what they talk about. For a period of three years Richard could rely on the help of the production and test facilities of RDM Makers Space and RDM Center of Expertise. Together with companies such as Genuin Engineering and Jules Dock, both located in Rotterdam, RanMarine continuously worked on the further improvement of the Waste Shark.

Scale up production

The knowledge in the Rotterdam area of self-steering drones ensured that the prototypes were tested and improved continuously. With a port so close, it was obvious that the Port of Rotterdam would become the first customer of the company of Richard, named RanMarine. This year, RanMarine will sell its first WasteShark and will scale up its production. Obviously, the production of the WasteShark will also takes place in Rotterdam.

Cleaning and collecting data

The WasteShark is not only a cleaning machine, it is a learning machine as well. The WhasteShark collects data about the water, such as the degree of pollution and the presence of algae. At this moment the WasteShark is cleaning the water in the ports of Dubai, India, the United States and the country where the WasteShark was conceived: South Africa. Conceived, yes. But not developed. For that, Richard had to come to Rotterdam.

Contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals

With developments like WasteShark Rotterdam is well on track to achieve a better and more sustainable future. Keeping the water clean is essential for our drinking water and for life below water. An additional advantage is that sometimes the collected garbage can also be re-used.

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