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What's UP! - Reliability Solutions

Reliablility Solutions optimises industrial processes by using big data

Rotterdam faces major social, economic and ecological challenges. They require a long-term strategy with innovative solutions. We work on this together with front runners in business. In the "What'sUP!"-series we focus on a creative pioneer who or a progressive company that finds solutions to the challenges of the 21st century. In this edition: Reliability Solutions.


Can you use big data to optimise your industrial processes? Mateusz Marzec and his colleagues at Reliability Solutions think so. They find that sensors and measuring instruments in machines and other production elements are increasingly interconnected. This can provide valuable data. With this information Reliability Solutions can ensure that business processes can continue and efficiency increases.

Big data

"During my studies, I always focused on the reliability of heavy machinery," says Marzec. "At the University of Cracow, the best university in Poland, I was trained as a specialist in reliability consultancy. When my partner in Silicon Valley saw how to use algorithms and large amounts of data to analyze processes, we saw our opportunity. We can use that data to predict process failures; decreasing pressure and rising temperatures, for example, indicate a defective turbine. In this way we can make business processes smoother and more profitable. We started our business in 2014."


Currently his company - with 30 employees - is active in the mining, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Marzec is convinced that many more entrepreneurs can learn a lot from his expertise. "Our goal is to achieve a factory without technical faults. That should enhance the value of a company. After all, that value is not only derived from profits, but also from the products that are not produced.”

Preventing downtime

A maintenance crew is normally on standby in case a factory - expected or unexpected - needs to be serviced. This is called 'downtime'. If it is up to Reliability Solutions this is a thing of the past. "Based on all the data, we can predict when a factory or parts of a factory need maintenance. That way we can plan much more efficiently and avoid downtime. We also prevent unnecessary maintenance. I compare it to a distribution belt in your car's internal combustion engine: why replace it after 100,000 kilometres if that part can last much longer? So based on data you can make reliable predictions.


Meanwhile, the Polish company is registered in the Chamber of Commerce register in Rotterdam; Marzec thinks loud about a new head office in the port city. "In 2019 ICOS Capital invested in us. Now we are looking for a suitable follow-up. In the meantime we have successfully launched our pitch during meetings. We met a lot of people; we got to know Rotterdam Partners, InnovationQuarter and PortXL. Thanks to them, we attended a trade mission to Singapore and made interesting contacts with, for example, Vopak. Doing business here is different than in Poland. It seems that in Rotterdam everyone is willing to introduce themselves to interesting business relationships through friends of friends. That's certainly how we get there."


The most important characteristic for a successful company is that you, as the captain, propagate the conviction. "Believe in your own ideas and share them with your employees," says Marzec. "If the results in the start-up phase may not be good for a while, you have to show perseverance. I am convinced that there is always a way to work together. If you can't get through the front door, then through the window. Where there's a will, there's a way."