Will Rotterdam become innovation city of Europe?

Rotterdam in the race to become innovation capital of Europe

Tension is rising in Rotterdam now that it has been announced that the city has a chance of being elected European capital of innovation next month.

Dave Geensen, Innovation Project Manager at the Municipality of Rotterdam: “The recurring theme of the Rotterdamse bid is ‘resilience.’ We have a solid track record in this respect thoughout the world. Rotterdam is one of the founders of a global network of one hundred resilient cities. Rotterdam is a city that has traditionally faced quite a few challenges. Whether it’s the bombardment, or metropolitan problems such as poverty, or the increase in rainwater that we are now dealing with. We cannot afford to wait and see. Inventing these solutions ourselves is more or less in the DNA of the city. There is room for ideas and for implementation. The Rotterdam ‘Make it Happen-power’.”

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