Digital information technology

Digital information technology is immersing faster and more deeply into our daily lives. Rotterdam ensures that the city and its residents keep abreast of this change. Rotterdam works and experiments with new applications and helps its residents and companies with their questions, problems and challenges while simultaneously preparing the city landscape and its own organisation for upcoming technologies. Digitalisation is a worldwide development that is already contributing to a significant impact on our lives. It is not without reason that it is a recurring theme within the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN.

Rotterdam Smart City

In short, the idea of a smart city is to use smart technology as a solution for urban challenges. An important basis for this is the collection of data about the city. This information makes it possible for Rotterdam to organise processes more efficiently, to respond better to the demands of the environment and to respond more quickly to challenges. We therefore invest in expanding our data collection of the city. Rotterdam is proud to be one of the leading cities in the Horizon2020 RUGGEDISED project. As part of this European project, we test and develop thirteen innovative sustainable measures in the development area ‘Hart van Zuid’. Another project where smart comes into play is the Rotterdam roof programme. This programme makes use of Artificial Intelligence to gain insight into the potential to add new applications onto Rotterdam rooftops.

Digital Economy

The increase of digital technologies in almost all business and the fact the majority of innovation is digital based, increases the impact of digital in the economy. The city council has therefor decided to increase the cities effort on the digital economy in the broadest sense. This effort focusses on digital infrastructures like fiber and 5G, and on datacenters to facilitate the digital services. Digital business can use the vibrant city innovation infrastructures to find partners and ideas. And the city welcomes new digital business that want to do business in Rotterdam.

Cyber Resilience: FERM

The digitalisation of processes involves risks such as ‘How do we keep it safe and how do we protect our data and privacy?’. The Port Cyber Resilience programme, called FERM is one of the answers to this. FERM invests in online and offline relations between port companies and puts them behind the common goal to ensure digital safety for themselves and for the greater good, Rotterdam and its port. FERM has also appointed a Port Cyber Resilience Officer. His task is to raise awareness about cyber security and resilience in the port of Rotterdam. FERM also ensures that companies have access to urgent information about cyber security.

Living Lab Sensible Sensor

This English version of the Living Lab Sensible Sensor document gives an overview of the themes, projects and lessons learned of Living Lab Sensible Sensor Reyeroord. Extended information in Dutch can be found on Ondernemen010 | Living Lab Sensible Sensor