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Meet some LSH010-entrepreneurs and practitioners (videos)

Network breakfast

NiceDay is an online mental health service, co-developed by the Rotterdam company Sense Health. CEO Jan Peter Larsen regularly attends the network breakfast meetings organized by LSH010 in the Rotterdam Science Tower. Why does he join this tasty event at such an early time?


Mithun Kuniyil Ajith Singh works for Cyberdyne, a Japanese MedTech company specializing, among other things, in the development of photoacoustic imaging techniques and exoskeletons driven by bioelectric signals. The Indian scientist has already seen a lot of the world, but Rotterdam is his favorite city to live and work, he says in this video.

Maas & Kleiberg

As an entrepreneur with an innovative idea, you often crave lenders. MK- The Subsidy Community knows all about subsidy programs and helps entrepreneurs to get in touch with the right parties. They do this from their office in Rotterdam. The choice for this location is no accident; Rotterdam is buzzing with innovative ideas!


IDE is an Australian company that helps entrepreneurs shape and market their innovative (health) product. Multidisciplinary cooperation is very important in this. Willem Mees van der Bijl recently founded the Dutch branch of IDE and chose Rotterdam as its location. Why Rotterdam? Willem tells that in this video.

Erasmus MC – Studie geneeskunde

What is it like to study medicine in the largest university hospital in the Netherlands? Nizar El Manouzi explains why he enjoys his studies in Rotterdam and takes you on a short tour of the Skills Lab of Erasmus MC.


SurGuide develops technological tools for oncological surgeons. Using this technique, doctors can already see during surgery whether the tumor has been completely removed. SurGuide is located in the Rotterdam Science Tower. Gerwin Puppels, co-founder of SurGuide, shows why this location suits the company perfectly.