Starke Energy

Energy transition is driving a significant increase in the consumption of electricity. Starke Energy is responding to this by launching the Urban Power Bank, also known as 'Storage as a service'.

By storing sustainable energy and delivering it to users according to their needs, this smart battery eases pressure on the conventional electricity network. When the power bank is not in use, the storage capacity is diverted to energy markets. Starke Energy has developed software that determines where the capacity can be used most intelligently. With the installation of a power bank, a building becomes more sustainable. In addition, there is greater scope for installing solar panels, electric oven and putting in charging stations. The lease arrangement ensures that there are no investment costs for the customer. A direct saving on the energy bill.

From single building to entire neighbourhood

With this innovation, the company is exploring the feasibility of scaling up to district level. Sixteen test locations in Rozenburg have been selected for this with the Ressort housing association. ‘The complexity of energy transition is becoming increasingly apparent,’ explains founder and director Rolf Bastiaanssen. Investments in solar energy, electric cooking and electric vehicles are good for the environment, but they clog up the electricity grid. The use of the sustainable power bank reduces the load on the grid and offers tenants a financial benefit. ‘With this project, we want to demonstrate that we can make the energy grid greener and more robust, not only in buildings, but also in neighbourhoods.’ The power bank is Future Proof; it ensures that there is greater scope for making homes and neighbourhoods more sustainable.


Prospective electricity failure

Rotterdam is committed to sustainability. The use of solar panels and electric cars is strongly encouraged. Rolf expects that the average total consumption per household will rise to around 10,000 KWh per year. Rolf: ‘Despite the fact that electric cooking and electric driving are green, they require three times as much energy as the current consumption.’ By using the power bank, you prevent an imbalance in the energy system. ‘Thus we are in a position to make the Rotterdam economy more sustainable, whilst creating employment for the Rotterdam installers who will install the power banks.’