We at Rotterdam Innovation City (Ondernemen010) consider a good digital service to be important. That is why we want to make our website accessible for everyone. We are continuously working on the site to further improve accessibility.

We want to fully comply with the accessibility requirements of the government (WCAG 2.1 at level AA) as soon as possible. Complying with this standard makes our website more user-friendly and accessible to all users.

The ambition is that all information on our website is written in understandable Dutch and that the site is usable for everyone. On a number of points we meet the accessibility requirements: we use clear titles and a simple layout of the pages, our website is suitable for both desktops and mobile devices. In addition, videos are subtitled so you can listen to them without sound.

Some things need to be even better. We are working on that. Such as:

  • A read-aloud functionality
  • The possibility to enlarge or reduce the font size

Testing the site

In 2020 we will implement technical improvements on our site. An important point of attention is the structure and accessibility. The renewed site will be regularly tested by outside experts in the coming years. The test results will be published on this page. We solve the problems found.

Questions or problems?

Do you have tips to make the website more user-friendly? Or do you experience a problem with accessibility? Please contact us via Then we will look for a suitable solution for you.