The Idea factory for the city of tomorrow

Citizens of Rotterdam with innovative ideas for their city can submit them to CityLab010. Is the idea chosen? Then CityLab010 helps the lucky ones with expertise, money and relevant networks. This makes CityLab010 the prefect workplace for the city of tomorrow. Here a few ideas from 2018.

Drone show instead of fireworks

A citizen of Rotterdam submitted the idea for Rotterdam not to organize a big firework show during New Year’s Eve, but to organize a gigantic drone show instead of the yearly firework show. After all, Rotterdam is about sustainability and development. A drone show ensures zero noise disturbance and zero grams of waste on the street.

Solar cells in blinds

What to think of the idea to integrate solar cells in sun protection. No garden or roof? In that case the solar cells can be integrated in the blinds. The manufacturing and assembling of solar cells can be done by retired elderly people or disabled people.

Challenging the inclusivity

And last but not least, Multiform. This is an innovative tool to challenge the inclusivity in the diverse society of Rotterdam. Multiform proposes games in the context of the sport class to teach openness and empathy, which will then filter into wider society.

No top-down ideas in Rotterdam. In Rotterdam, the people come with innovative ideas.

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