Municipality of Rotterdam

The municipality of Rotterdam helps innovating

Innovative companies can’t find a better place than Rotterdam to let their ideas and business flourish. The spirit, the level of education, the multi-cultural population and the attractive business climate make Rotterdam the perfect place to start. And when you have settled your innovative business in Rotterdam, the municipality of Rotterdam is happy to help you on your way. The Rotterdam sky is the limit.

An attractive place

The municipality is for everyone who uses the city of Rotterdam. Residents, but also visitors, entrepreneurs and professionals who come to Rotterdam to work. Together with other parties, the municipality ensures that the city is an attractive place to stay. The municipality does this in different ways. It ensures good traffic flow, attractive design of public spaces and sufficient space to live and work. Innovators have the special attention of the municipality. The municipality cherishes its innovators. Because the municipality knows too well: innovators are making the future.

Innovators are more than welcome

The municipality helps you not only to find a location. But also with finding talent and financing. Moreover, the municipality encourages knowledge development and knowledge exchange between professionals and its innovators. Innovators are therefore most welcome in the most innovative city of Holland: Rotterdam.


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