Port of Rotterdam

A save haven for innovators

Are you an innovator? Hoist the sails and set sail for Rotterdam! The authority and companies of Port of Rotterdam are continuously searching for ways how they can do things smarter, more efficiently and more sustainably. In other words: innovators are more than welcome!

In size and in quality

The objective of the Port of Rotterdam is to enhance the port’s competitive position as a logistics hub and world-class industrial complex: in size and in quality. The Port Authority is therefore leading the transition to sustainable energy and has committed itself to digitalization to make the port more efficient.

Radical innovation is necessary

Regarding the energy transition, the task is crystal clear: the aim is in line with the Paris Climate Agreement, zero emission. For a CO² neutral port which wants to work even faster and better, radical innovation and new technologies are necessary.

Therefore, Rotterdam is proud of her Innovation Ecosystem. It supports innovators in all phases; from ideation, to validation, to prototyping, to scaling. Are you an innovator? You get the best possible help, from the port who wants to stay the best.

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